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One For All

One For All, an impeccably swinging sextet, is made up of some of the most in-demand players in modern jazz. The cooperative group’s celebrated lineup includes tenor saxophonist Eric Alexander, trumpeter Jim Rotondi, trombonist Steve Davis, pianist David Hazeltine, bassist John Webber, and drummer Joe Farnsworth. Together, they have amassed an impressive discography of 16 recordings and are renowned worldwide for their intrepid soloing and their sublime arrangements.

Formed in 1996 in at the legendary Manhattan jazz club Augie’s (now Smoke Jazz Club), One for All is not just celebrating past achievements but charging forward into the future. Their latest recording, The Third Decade, marks the dawn of the band’s next chapter and features the fiery and soulful musicianship that are hallmarks of the band’s sound. Their genuine camaraderie of this group is apparent in every performance and reflects the warmth and spirit that results from a lifetime of musical friendships.

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