Marika Hughes – The New String Quartet

Marika Hughes has returned to her chamber music roots with a new project, The New String Quartet (NSQ). The band, which includes Charlie Burnham (violin/voice), Marvin Sewell (guitar) and Rashaan Carter (bass), sets out to celebrate the sounds and vibrations of their acoustic strings. Rooted in the traditions of the western classical string quartet, songwriting and improvisation, NSQ reaches through Marika’s musical heritage, extending from chamber works to jazz to impromptu sketches.

NSQ is the sound of people listening to each other: quietly, joyfully, and in wild confrontation. It is raw acoustic music, up close – the room as much a part of the sound as the players. In its absolute essence it is chamber music.

With a new collection of music, Marika and The New String Quartet tip their hats to love, loss and gratitude. Thinking about the universal condition of our humanity: living, loving and grieving in our everydays – that is where this music comes from. With a nod to the jazz bands she grew up hearing in tiny clubs, and to the small recital halls of her classical training, Marika Hughes and The New String Quartet weave their sound through the room, listening – listening to the love.

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